Insurance solution

Fully integrated insurance solution

On the Novulo Insurance Solution employees, intermediaries and end customers work together on a modern online platform that seamlessly integrates front and back office functions. Working on a fully integrated platform offers everyone the same information in real time. Business processes can be highly automated with straight through processing (STP) and configurable workflows. This ensures efficient processing of requests mutations and claims. Extensive options for compiling and configuring insurance products enables users to easily introduce new products to the market.

Full integration is what makes our prescriptive low code platform truly unique. Forget about APIs. Low code weaving allows us to integrate models. This results in one fully integrated application to tailor your entire business process. The flexibility of the platform gives you the opportunity to innovate quickly and to respond adequately to changes in the market.

Novulo Insurance Solution

The Novulo Insurance Solution covers all crucial business processes. The flexibility of the Novulo platform enables insurance companies, intermediaries and proxies to easily add more solutions to integrate more business processes. It is also possible to start smaller with only 1 or 2 solutions.

Let us show you
the strength of the platform

The strenght of the Insurance Solution

A 360-degree customer view by storing all relevant relationship data in one place
Support for various customer service concepts enables tailor made offerings
Customer segmentation by target groups drives hyper personalization
Run targeted marketing campaigns based on integrated customer data
Inform customers automatically by means of pre-determined triggers
The online portal enables customers to consult, mutate, quote and close real time data from the back office
Easily register, prolong and change insurance contracts
Automate workflows for all processes like claim handling and correspondence
Compile, design and configure new insurance products in a matter of hours
Be in control of expense ratios with straight-through processing (STP)
Fully integrated financial administration of the total insurance portfolio
Management information at hand to steer on key metrics

Why choose Novulo?


Change rapidly

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

The combination of ready to implement best of breed solutions and next gen low code development enables wholesalers and importers retailers Airlines and MRO's insurers, proxies, and intermediaries ICT companies to quickly implement change, thereby resulting in continuous optimization and innovation.


Drive revenue and margins

Machine learning

Scale easily and grow your business effectively and efficiently with one integrated approach. A single version of truth gives you the insight and agility to steer on profit and margins.

Ample aviation knowledge to understand your processes and consult accordingly to maximize aircraft utilization

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Lower costs

Novulo’s low code weaving approach aims to quickly replace legacy to rigorously reduce costs for licensing and maintenance while digitally transforming the organization. With Novulo, abundant functionality is forever banned.

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