Maintenance planning for Aviation

Optimize aircraft fleet and organization

In a competitive world planning and optimizing maintenance activities is key to get most out of your aircraft fleet. The Novulo Maintenance Planning has proven its success as an advanced solution providing the possibility to schedule and manage the short- and long-term maintenance as well as the manpower within your company. Solid maintenance planning is essential to avoid costly unexpected events, increase efficiency and achieve maximum reliability and safety.

Whether your maintenance is in-housed or outsourced, our advanced functionalities contribute in minimizing aircraft ground time and maximizing aircraft utilization. The Novulo Maintenance Planning solution is part of our prescriptive low code platform which enables airlines and MROs to stay ahead of the competition by making optimization and implementation of new functionalities a commodity. Compose one application fitting to your today’s needs, but have the flexibility of optimization and expansion fitting your tomorrow’s needs and insights.

Maintenance planning for aviation

Novulo Maintenance Planning optimizes aircraft fleet and organization. The flexibility of the Novulo platform enables airlines and MROs to easily develop or add solutions to integrate more business processes.

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The power of Maintenance Planning

Handle large fleets with different AOCs to comply with the national requirements for aircraft maintenance.
Handle large fleets with various A/C types and subtypes. Create as many long-term maintenance plans as you need and assign them to tails individually.
Plan different maintenance checks per aircraft tail with regards to maintenance limits as provided by the OEM.
Extensive scenarios for maintenance with various parameters. For instance, change interval requirements, change utilization or add, move or remove checks.
Monitor and optimize maintenance check intervals.
Due date monitoring based on actual daily utilization and forecasted A/C usage
Timeline overview from which you can perform different kind of actions, i.e. move A/C over different locations, add checks, modify plan times on checks.
Timeline overview to display errors and conflicts in the planning based on various parameters, i.e. limits on hours, limits on cycles.
Management information at hand to steer on key metrics
Advanced rostering of staff, including maintaining absences and lending staff
Advanced AMC (Aircraft Maintenance Certification) management system, which can also handle implicit authorization types, i.e. CS (Certifying Staff) is also used by the system as uncertified mechanic if required.
Manage workforce, making it is possible to allocate this workforce manually by means of drag and drop in timeline overview or allocation screen
Fully automated resource planner to automatically allocate your employees over multiple simultaneously planned projects of different A/C types, considering multi licensed mechanics.
Capacity planning by means of a timeline overview with schedules, shifts and work demand.
Surpluses and shortages per shift per authorization in one overview.
Determine whether the workload can be met based on the known capacity, as well as on the expected capacity.
Interfaces with various systems to implement for example data for maintenance checks due dates, job cards or employee information.
Create “what-if” scenarios in order to realize impact on your maintenance and aircraft utilization.

Why choose Novulo?


Change rapidly

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

The combination of ready to implement best of breed solutions and next gen low code development enables wholesalers and importers retailers Airlines and MRO's insurers, proxies, and intermediaries ICT companies to quickly implement change, thereby resulting in continuous optimization and innovation.


Drive revenue and margins

Machine learning

Scale easily and grow your business effectively and efficiently with one integrated approach. A single version of truth gives you the insight and agility to steer on profit and margins.

Ample aviation knowledge to understand your processes and consult accordingly to maximize aircraft utilization

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Lower costs

Novulo’s low code weaving approach aims to quickly replace legacy to rigorously reduce costs for licensing and maintenance while digitally transforming the organization. With Novulo, abundant functionality is forever banned.

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