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We believe that every user is unique and that is why we strive toward solutions for business software that perform exactly in the way the person or organization needs it to. Nothing more and nothing less.

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Novulo is a company in the field of web based-business software. We started our company in 2003 with one goal; to revolutionize the world of business software by providing companies with solutions that carry the unique fingerprint of that company. We see our dream realized everyday. Our software is intuitive and grows with you regardless of what phase of development or branch of industry you find yourself in. Choosing Novulo means having the freedom to choose your own Bussiness Apps, apps that automatically integrate to create one powerful application. The possibilities are endless.

Frank Wille
Director Novulo
Willem Badenhop
Director Novulo
Frank Wille en Willem Badenhop, directeuren Novulo

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From the start we've believed in the fact that employees should determine which software they need to streamline their business processes. That’s why we created "The Architect". This revolutionary design eliminates thousands of lines of coding, streamlines your daily business processes, and enables the user to draw software quickly and effortlessly and offers a fully integrated solution. We use The Architect to build all our apps including the apps that you find in our store so even if you don’t have any knowledge of programming or software development you can design a tailored business software application with ease by using The Architect.

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This is the farm, this is where we work passionately on our products; it’s an inspiring environment that brings out the best in us.


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Novulo Nederland B.V.

Van Asch van Wijckstraat 4D
3811 LP Amersfoort
Josink Hofweg 9a
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