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Next generation component driven architecture

The Novulo Platform is distinct fundamentally from software packages or traditional software development and even extends beyond Rapid Application Development (RAD), Model Driven Development (MDD), Low code, or aPaas platforms. It presents a paradigm shift in software development compared to any traditional software development or platform.

The technology is proven in complex and business critical processes with large numbers of users and heavy performance requirements. Because the components are deployed and used in many different applications, the functionality is proven in practice. Since only the selected components are integrated, there is no overhead due to superfluous unused functionality.


What differentiates us from traditional low code


One ecosystem

We belief that reusability, full integration and rapid development through modelling are conditional to achieve the architectural discipline that allows sustainability and flexibility. We have therefor created an ecosystem on which we combine the knowledge and resources of many to achieve the best-of-breed models necessary to compile business applications.

Developing with Novulo means

One integral application

Four perspectives pertaining all software assets combined. GUI, expressions, process, and data fully intertwined resulting in one integral application.


Never limited by IT. New functionality can always be weaved in the application. Maintaining full integration. Resulting in one application that today has exactly and only the functionality that is currently needed but can be optimized or expanded tomorrow based on new insights. This facilitates continuous optimization and innovation.

Deployment & monitoring

Novulo deployment allows you to change applications fast while remaining architectural discipline. Through monitoring of user sessions and process-actions, any problems experienced by users, or in processes, can automatically be detected and logged. For users that experience a deteriorated performance, an automated analysis can be presented that will show details on the performance of the computer, the network and/or the personal screen configuration, so that effective solutions can be advised.

Integrated testing

All of our solutions have built in processes and automatic testing capability. After composing the application these tests are integrated facilitating integral regression testing. These tests can be expanded with an organization’s own testing scenario. This process facilitates problem free updating.

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