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Questions about applications

  • What makes Novulo Business Apps stand out?
  • Functionality, Flexibility and Integration. Novulo business apps are specialized business applications that are compiled by you to meet your companies specific needs. After compilation your personalized and fully integrated solution is ready for use right away on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Get started today and experience the difference!

  • Why can't I buy just one app?
  • One app doesn't complete an application. By design many of our apps need to interact with other apps to perform efficiently.

  • Why isn’t my model complete?
  • We want to make sure that you always receive a fully functional model. After your apps have been chosen the system checks the package composed for missing elements; if your model is not complete the system reveals the components needed to complete the package. In this way the application remains ready for use immediately after compilation.

  • Why can’t I find an app within my particular application?
  • There could be two reasons for this: Either the app is not yet a part of the application or you do not have access rights to that specific app. If you log into the web store you can see which apps have been previously selected or you can contact your administrator to find out your specific access rights.

  • Where is my application hosted?
  • We offer both the possibility to host the application on your own IT infrastructure, as well as hosting arranged by one of our partners.


  • How do we pay for the apps?
  • The apps are licensed per user for a monthly fee. With this option you only pay for the function being used.

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