Prescriptive low code

Reusability as a foundation. Model once to perfection, deploy infinitely

Reusable models, components and plugins

Reuse all models, components and plugins for every application.

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Let others enjoy your components as you enjoy theirs, work together to create the perfect solution for everyone

No application templates

For a new application, weave existing models into custom solutions instead of using templates that do not fit

The gain of weaving

No code: Visual development.
Low code: Plugin support
Single click deployment
DevOps in optima-forma

No code: Visual development.

What you see is what you get.

> Place panels

Low code: Plugin support

Plugin development, for limitless extensibility in the model.

> Single click deployment

Single click deployment

The deployment process takes care of quality control and application updates, so you don't have to.

> No development- Weaving models

DevOps in optima-forma

Novulo provides tools to support every step in the DevOps cycle, either in-application, or with the Novulo Deployment Toolset.

> Update if necessary

Business Driven

All key metrics available. Always

One application means one source for business metrics, analysis, recommender systems or even machine learning systems.

Integrated user support and feedback

Let users say what can be improved with in-application feedback support

Replacing enterprise ERP

Full weaving makes applications more valuable than the sum of all replaced ERP software packages

Update only if necessary

Optimize by model improvements only when the organization really wants to

Business process optimization

Novulo applications can even help streamline business processes by detecting inefficiencies

Never re-invent the wheel

Perfect business processes do not need to be re-invented

Architected, model-driven development is the most sophisticated end of the service-oriented architecture modeling spectrum. It focuses on quality, performance and reuse.

Scalability. Whether you have 5 or 5000 employees

Easy application configuration

Find application configuration content to match your needs.

Choose what you

Select if available – model if not available – develop if not modellable.

Enterprisegrade specs

Enterprise grade security, scalability, performance and architecture in every fiber of every application.

Focus on development quality, instead of development speed

No APIs, no containers

APIs change, applications break. Novulo applications can do without that.

Automated test runs

Let the Novulo Deployment Toolset do the testing.

Keep up-to-date

Application models consist of woven components. After a component update, just re-weave your application model and update.

Integrated monitoring and optimization

Tooling is always built-in and accessible, so that issues can be predicted early and efficiently prevented

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Build in security provides control of the access rights and restrictions for every user

Define reusable user roles and apply them quickly to any user

Read or write access to any record or field can be defined on a role or record level

Easy user management, either local or centralized with a single sign-on

User authentication can be delegated to MS Active Directory


The Novulo platform compiles a viable set of components that fit the need of the customer and that technically fit together. This carefully compiled set is used to create an integrated model, which contains all the data models and business logic of the individual components. With this model, a web application is generated. This approach ensures increased quality through a centralized component structure. The knowledge of many is combined to achieve the best possible components. This accounts for a substantial saving on application management.

No more templating. Low code weaving enables continuous optimization. Updates to components are available to all who use this component.

Application modelling ensures maintainability through its visual nature, consistency, uniformity, and readability.

Built in monitoring tooling signals performance issues, heavy use, or process malfunctions.

Distributed ownership of the application ensures that different functionality in the application can be maintained by the right person.

Smart solutions

Always be ready for the evolution of business software. Leveraging IoT, big data, process mining, robotic process automation and machine learning through our integrated data science platform ensures our applications are intelligent, predictive and personalized.



Integration at design time is what makes us truly unique. Forget about APIs. Low code weaving allows us to integrate models. This results in one fully integrated application to tailor your entire business process. All your data is integrated and available for all processes.

No need to maintain APIs

Better performance

Maximized deployment speed

When you have the need to integrate with an existing application. On the route to revamping the application portfolios, the Novulo platform integrates into every application.