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Global Search

Global Search

Find everything in one place

Hot keys
Hot Keys

Keyboard shortcuts speed up navigation.

Integrated user support and feedback
Dynamic Search

Intelligent search allows you to easily find any record.


The seamlessly woven Novulo application natively supports a natural navigation experience as there is no need to switch to other applications.



Explore your data

Grid Search

An intelligent native search box allows you to search on every column of every grid.


Set-up personal filters to quickly find the records you need.

Customize Columns

Choose your personal set of columns to see only what you need.


Data Visualisation

Providing real-time insights on all relevant business data

  • Graph widget

    Create your own real-time charts by using the chart widget tool.

  • Snap shot statistics

    Track application data through time by creating automatic snapshots.

  • Excel reporting

    Export and share excel reports about key metrics of your business.



Automate any work process

  • Optimize your own

    Novulo allows for continous improvement of your workflows.

  • Automate processes

    Reduce workload and automate reoccuring tasks within Novulo.

  • Visualize progress

    Never lose track of workflow progress with context-bound graphs.

Tools for improvement

Improvement tools

Discover potential and strive for improvement

Novulo Maps
Novulo Maps

Discover and explore your own business from a totally new perspective.

Data Science
Data Science

Take maximum advantage of integral data management by applying data science techniques on your data.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Discover hidden treasures in your application's data, or find and elimate data faults by applying advanced machine learning algorithms.

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We are happy to help and to discuss key features that are specific to your business.

You can access Novulo
anywhere from any device

The good thing:
Now you can work anytime, anywhere

The bad thing:
You have less excuses not to work...



Software adapts to you, and not the other way around

Webapplication (cloud)
Web Application

Novulo is a cloud based application, accessible through a web browser from anywhere with an internet connection.

Mutli device
Multi Device

Novulo works on any modern mobile device with an internet browser; Smart phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

Hosted on premise
Hosted on premise

Novulo can take care of hosting the application, or you can do it yourself. The choice is yours.



Shape and use your application the way you want

Place tiles

Select and order the shortcuts that you need most to quickly navigate through your application.

Place panels

Panels hold groups of related fields on a page. Keep your pages organised by displaying the panels that you need.

Share settings
Share settings

Copy preferences from one user to the other in order to help users optimise their experience.

Tools for education

Tools for learning

Novulo helps you to get onboard and to help out when needed

In app instructions
In-App Instructions

Application features are explained by simple, step-by-step instructions found in the application.

Knowledge base
Knowledge Base

More extensive information and guides are found in the Novulo Knowledge Base.

Customer support
Customer support

We are happy to help you get on track via telephone, Teamviewer or through our customer portal.

Create your own application!

Select the components you are interested in and experience Novulo for free for 30 days

Online Publishing

Publish online

Publish what you want using Novulo's extensive Content Management System

  • For simple websites,...

    Easily compile web pages with your own content.

  • ... for portals, ...

    Create your own customer portal and integrate with Novulo's interaction flows.

  • ... and even for omnichannel webshops

    Set-up a webshop that is fully integrated into your POS, sales, purchase, logistic and financial processes.

Publish online
Data Exchange

Data exchange

Import and export data with common files types and protocols

  • Import E-mail Conversations

    Archive E-mails in one place with our MS Outlook extension.

  • Import Data

    Full flexibility on using external data sources with Novulo's powerful import engine.

  • Export and share

    Shape and export data to your needs with the equally powerful export engine.

  • Webservices

    Connect with external services with common Application Programming Interfaces. (SOAP, REST)

  • Document generation

    Novulo's built-in Document Generator creates neath documents to share and print.

Import export


Novulo supports several languages and currencies

  • Multi language

    Novulo is available in both English and Dutch.

  • Multi currency

    Financial components and framework are natively built to support different of even multiple currencies.

Access Control

Access Control

Full control of the access rights and restrictions of every user

  • User roles

    Define reusable user roles and apply them quickly to any user.

  • Conditional access

    Read or write access to any record or field can be defined on a role level or record level.

  • User management

    Easy user management, either local or centralized with Single Sign-on.

  • Active directory integration

    User authentication can be delegated to MS Active Directory.

Access control


These companies benefit daily from Novulo and so can you.

Case KLM

KLM Engineering & Maintenance is one of the largest maintenance workshops for airplanes in Europa. More than 5000 people work on maintenance worldwide.

Learn more
Case KE
Kamera Express

Kamera Express is the largest (internet) shop for all equipment and accessories in the field of photo & video in the Netherlands.

Learn more
Case Gemeente Enschede
Municipality of Enschede

For the real estate branche of the city of Enschede, we have developed an application.

Learn more

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