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Unique contract agreements with insurers support new revenue models. Fast product configurations both via the arithmetic box and VPI ensure a short time-to-market. CRM supports an integral customer from both proxy and provincial and is the starting point of the marketing.

Ease of use, efficiency and unlimited possibilities give a fresh wind. Select the functionalities you need and use the software at the practice, at home, at the client and on the road. Everything integrates so accounting, website, debtor management and leave administration are just a few of the options that you simply select.

Unique platform

aPaas, No-Code, Model Driven Development, RAD. It has it all. After more than 10 years of development we moved further than the others...

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A truckload of components to choose from which ensures you can create the perfect application for your business.

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Our components seamlessy integrate into a single application. One application to manage every aspect of your business.

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Successful customers

Case KLM
DNA adviesgroep

Already more than 8,000 proud owners of a pleasure craft chose DNA Yachtinsurance. They are helped quickly and adequately in all areas of the world.

Case KLM
Kempen assurantien

Kempen & Oberdorf, with its 92 years of experience, is an established all-round brokerage and insurance office in the heart of Sittard.

Case KLM
NSP verzekeringen

Being well insured is smart. But what is 'good'? Insuring too much is unnecessary, too little can be risky.

Case KLM
Mooijman assurantien

As a financial adviser we guarantee an expert, independent advice in understandable language.

Unique technology

The Novulo platform facilitates the modeling of software components, the integration of these components into a company-specific solution and the generation and deployment of the software on hosted and on-premise environments. Advanced product management and version control facilitate maintenance of components and on-demand release management.

Novulo guarantees an organization continuous flexibility without customization. No dependency on the release planning of a software supplier.

Novulo offers the end user a one-stop shop for software support for all activities. A uniform user interface on PC, tablet and telephone. Strong possibilities for personal configuration and smart search options. And never double input of the same data.

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Best-of-Breed or Best-Suite?

Where existing packages form 'best of breed solutions', links are needed between all such packages to forge them into one. Links are not only often an expensive and risky connection between the packages, but the integration is rarely optimal.

With its components platform, Novulo offers the only fully-fledged functionality that integrally facilitates all business processes, resulting in a fully integrated application and only one contact point.

A number of leading companies from different countries that have come up with 'best of breed' solutions have discovered Novulo and experience the incomparable possibilities in practice.





These companies benefit daily from Novulo and so can you.

Case KLM

KLM Engineering & Maintenance is one of the largest maintenance workshops for airplanes in Europa. More than 5000 people work on maintenance worldwide.

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Case KE
Kamera Express

Kamera Express is the largest (internet) shop for all equipment and accessories in the field of photo & video in Netherlands.

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Case Gemeente Enschede
Municipality of Enschede

The Municipality of Enschede chose the flexible software Novulo to modernize its Planning and Control process.

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