Novulo for Aviation and MRO

Innovative solutions for aviation maintenance!

Long-range maintenance planning

The long-range maintenance schedule determines which aircraft will visit the hangar for a specific maintenance check and how long it will take to perform all inspections and repairs. The application visualises both the hangar, as well as the aircraft availability. This schedule plays a central role at every airline and in every maintenance facility. Novulo offers a graphical drag & drop interface to allow for scheduling aircraft and reviewing effects (due dates, capacity) in real-time. Results show that utilization of maintenance limits can be increased by up to 10% by making more efficient schedules.

Capacity management and allocation

Allocating capacity to the right project is a major concern in every MRO facility. Novulo software supports the process of allocating the right certified engineers and mechanics to the project in your maintenance facility. State of the art algorithms allow for an optimal allocation of technical employees to projects, while complying with Part 145 and Part 66-regulations.

Maintenance job cards: generate, execute, analyze, improve

Novulo supports the process of creating, managing and analyzing job cards. Functionality includes: generation of job cards for each similar maintenance check, to make individual changes for specific registrations, to include the licenses required to perform work on specific job cards and to manage the hours written by mechanics and engineers while executing inspections and reparations. Comprehensive reports provide real-time insight in the progress of the current maintenance checks - both inside your facilities as well as outsourced activities.

Material and supply chain management

Novulo provides integrated material and supply chain management. By performing track & trace on all material requests and linking it with job card requirements, you receive an instant overview of the status of materials and the risk of maintenance execution delays. It also helps to reduce the amount of unnecessary (expensive) AOG orders and allows for a better cooperation between material units and mechanics.

Workflow management for maintenance preparation

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Preparing a C- or D-check is a project by itself and a good preparation is key for an on-time redelivery of the aircraft. Novulo provides real-time data about the preparation of maintenance checks and the possible delays.

Handovers for production shifts

In a 24 hour work environment, your maintenance teams will need to make a handover at every shift change. Novulo Shift Handovers allow for a seamless handover process. The software is configurable to define the various handovers: it is possible to write both a Cat C-handover, as well as specific handovers for Mechanical and Avionic subjects. You can even define different templates for different types of productions, i.e. write a different handover for a decoration facility compared to a D-check facility. Using structured en archived handovers enable for project analysis and real-time insight in the progress of maintenance checks.

Sales and invoicing

Novulo MRO and production components integrate fully with our components for finance, sales and invoicing. Linking used materials and written hours to your financial system enables you to send invoices to your customers quickly, based on the same data as used in your production process. It reduces administrative costs, speeds up the invoicing process and reduces the amount of non-invoiced work.

Financial forecasts and budgetting

Novulo Budgetting integrates perfectly with the production and aviation-related components. It allows you to define your budgetted costs and income for your financial year, and to automatically compare it to realized financial results.