Tailored application to streamline your Finance

The Novulo platform enables organizations to tailor business applications to their specific needs. For instance, combining best of breed finance solutions with low code development to create the perfect business application. Combining industry specific and finance knowledge of a great many on just one platform enables our users to compile business software as easy as one selects apps on a smartphone.

This fully integrated software can be expanded or adjusted at any time. As a result, all of the business processes are integrated into one application and the data flows through every process without any problems. This one application has the exact and only functionality that is currently needed today but can be optimized or expanded tomorrow based on new insights.

Ready to use best of breed solutions to streamline your finance

a future proof business application starts at Novulo!

We believe that reusability, full integration, and rapid development through modeling are conditional to achieve the sustainability and flexibility necessary for a future proof business application.

Tailored composition

Compose your own business application based on enterprise grade architecture to future proof your business and never get stuck with IT.


We use the combined knowledge of our customers from different industries to constantly advance and update our solutions.

Develop yourself with low code

Combining best of breed solutions with low code development tooling on just one platform enables you to create a tailor-made business application that can be optimized constantly.

Fully integrated data and processes

One integrated process and a single version of truth at the core of all business decisions. This provides the flexibility necessary to constantly upgrade applications to fit all the business or customer needs.

Lower IT costs through replacing legacy

Our approach quickly replaces legacy to rigorously reduce costs for licensing and maintenance while digitally transforming the organization.


Many enterprise and SME customers use our solutions in their business applications to enhance their business success.

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