Optimize the customer journey in every detail

Know the customer in every facet of your company. Whether this concerns the store, webshop, delivery, return handling, customer service or administration. Communicate the same information on social media, mail, telephone and face-to-face.
Novulo supplies fully integrated software that optimizes every USP of your company. A clear interface, A customer view, unambiguous product information in every part of the organization.


unique platform


aPaas, Low-Code, Model Driven Development, RAD. All apply. But with the integration of models, we continue...

How it's made

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A lot of apps to choose from so you can compose the perfect application for your business with confidence.

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Our apps integrate seamlessly into a single application. One application that allows you to manage every aspect of your company.How it works

Compose software from all ingredients

  • logistics

  • Pre-notification of transport
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Serial numbered products
  • RFID
  • Orderpicking
  • Track-and-trace
  • Route planning interfiliaal
  • Added value

  • Bundeling en debundling
  • Assemblage
  • Repackaging

Successful customers


Kamera Express wins Rotterdam business award

According to the professional jury, 'the company grows passionately at a time when stores are falling over'.

Oldenhof: The largest food store of the Netherlands

Since 1821 family business Oldenhof has been active in the world of cooking

Loavies launches its own fashion label

Fashion for a global market

Kookpunt - 4000 m2 cooking shop

In over fifty years, Kookpunt has developed into a mecca for cooking enthusiasts


Obbink BV has been named winner 2016 in the Consumer Electronics industry by the National Business Success Award Institute.

Hardware expert

Sale of and repairs to, among other things, computers, notebooks and tablets

Active Ants

ActiveAnts is a leading company in the field of logistic services for broadcasters and webshops

Unique technology


The Novulo platform facilitates the modeling of software components, the integration of these components into a company-specific solution and the generation and deployment of the software on hosted and on-premise environments. Advanced product management and version control facilitate maintenance of components and on-demand release management.

Novulo guarantees an organization continuous flexibility without customization. No dependency on the release planning of a software supplier.

Novulo offers the end user a one-stop shop for software support for all activities. A uniform user interface on PC, tablet and telephone. Strong possibilities for personal configuration and smart search options. And never double input of the same data.

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Best-of-Breed or Best-Suite?


Where existing packages form 'best of breed solutions', links are needed between all such packages to forge them into one. Links are not only often an expensive and risky connection between the packages, but the integration is rarely optimal.

With its components platform, Novulo offers the only fully-fledged functionality that integrally facilitates all business processes, resulting in a fully integrated application and only one contact point.

A number of leading companies from several that get stuck in 'best or wide' solutions have discovered Novulo and experience the incomparable possibilities in practice.


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