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Novulo ITSM combines ERP and ITSM on one platform to enable ICT companies to optimally serve their customers. One fully integrated solution to offer great service, increase productivity, and to design create, deliver, support, and manage the lifecycle of ICT services. Full integration is what makes us truly unique. Forget about APIs. The Novulo platform allows us to integrate models. This results in one fully integrated application to tailor your entire business process.

All your data is integrated and shared to support multiple functions in the ERP and ITSM process. This enables a centrally managed portfolio in which incidents, service requests, and invoicing, for example, all rely on the same information. The flexibility of the platform enables ICT companies to stay ahead of the competition by making optimization and implementation a commodity.

Novulo ITSM

The Novulo ITSM solution covers all the crucial business processes for ICT companies. The flexibility of the Novulo platform enables ICT companies to easily add more solutions to integrate more business processes. It is also possible to start smaller with only 1 or 2 solutions.

Add any solution that you prefer to fit your company specific needs
Add any solution that you prefer to fit your company specific needs

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The power of Novulo ITSM

Productivity overviews per employee and department and profitability per customer and per contract
Contract management for network management, Office 365, and online backup etc. to provide insight in efficiency per contract
Management information at hand to steer the key metrics
A shared database supporting ITSM and ERP available for all employees in various divisions
Importing price lists and stock positions through interfaces with the all well-known distributors in the IT industry, such as Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Copaco, and Also
Automatically create sales products with a link to the relevant distributors, EAN code, product manufacturer code, and images through simply clicking the imported price lists
Extensive layout for quotations enabling you to easily configure tailor-made offers
Cloud based technology realizes business agility and the ability to handle high volumes
Insight into the total available offer as well as related products and options at the vendor level per brand such as CNET
Project management based on budget and requirements
RMA check enables you to verify claims and automatically links claims to the right vendor
Various links with MSP tools such as SolarWinds n-central
Easily set up the parameters to comply with ITIL
Centrally manage and maintain all the information system components with CMDB
Reach the next level in service management with a fully integrated approach

Why choose Novulo?


Change rapidly

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

Constant and fast change

The combination of ready to implement best of breed solutions and next gen low code development enables wholesalers and importers retailers Airlines and MROs insurers, proxies, and intermediaries ICT companies to quickly implement change, thereby resulting in continuous optimization and innovation.


Drive revenue and margins

Industry know-how

Scale easily and grow your business effectively and efficiently with one integrated approach. A single version of truth gives you the insight and agility to steer profit and margins.

Ample aviation knowledge to understand your processes and consult accordingly to maximize aircraft utilization

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Lower costs

Novulo’s low code weaving approach aims to quickly replace legacy to rigorously reduce costs for licensing and maintenance while digitally transforming the organization. With Novulo, abundant functionality is banned.

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