Maintainability, Scalability and Performance without limits

Sustaining scale, performance, and maintainability requires architectural discipline that many enterprises simply do not have. In these situations, architectural discipline is cursory at best, yielding apps that are slow and expensive to update and extend if not outright chaos. Novulo's component model builds in architecture, and the platform provides a tool to help developers govern their architectures.

John Rymer

Vice president Forrester

Prescriptive low code

Organizations need agility. Adapting to change and introducing new business models is daily business. In this process, a lot of organizations are faced with the limits of their IT landscape. Low code weaving prevents organizations from getting stuck with their IT. Our next generation low code platform combines low code development with of the shelf and proven solutions governed by our enterprise architecture.

The gain of weaving


The advantages of next generation low code

Data Visualisation

Providing real-time insights on all relevant business data

Improvement tools

Discover potential and strive for improvement

Publish online

Publish what you want using Novulo's extensive Content Management System

Data exchange

Import and export data with common files types and protocols

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